Beware the real cabal

To the editor:

The teapartiers are not only low in information, misleading and painfully naive, but as we are once again treated to their post-election disdain for democracy, it is also a clear showing their other personality traits.

They are sore losers and whiners on a steady diet of sour grapes instead of the humble pie as they should be consuming.

They mindlessly and brainlessly look to their ideological leadership to explain their losses, leadership being Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Dick Morris and Karl Rove, all of whom promised a Mitt Romney landslide. How much credibility would you place on their collective shoulders.

Have you seen the BP commercials proudly proclaiming that they have committed $20 billion to clean up and assist the residents of the Gulf? Not once do they mention that it was the president who insisted they set this money aside for this purpose. Republicans criticized the president for his insistence on making things right. Republicans reflexively criticize everything this president says or does. This construct applies across the board regardless of ideology or honesty or to extreme hypocrisy supplied by Republicans.

Want an example? Obamacare was a Republican idea purposed by the Heritage Foundation (former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint’s new gig), supported by Newt Gingrich and singed into law by Mitt Romney. Even Rick Santorum was aware of this, and said, “Romney is the worst candidate to put against Obama.”

Santorum is not very bright, but even he smelled this crap sandwich of hypocrisy. The Republican Party depends on the severe lack of memory and lack of intelligence that is the hallmark of the teapartiers. The American public is no longer fooled by this monstrosity known as the tea party.

All of this is true, but these haters of the president, Democrats, progressives, women and others are by no means monolithic. They are the real cabal, Beck’s favorite word.

This cabal is comprised of four groups of specific interests. They are as follows: racists, gun nuts, religious freaks and the dupes of wealthy, greedy persons who place their own wealth above the best interests of the country.

They are personified by the following, mix and match as you choose: the Koch brothers, Donald Trump, Santorum, Wayne LaPierre, John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Limbaugh.

Last week, the speaker of the House put off a vote on relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. He pulled a Boehner.

Locally, the usual suspects are still spewing their nonsensical and farcical madness in ink, but today, I will leave them alone.

One so-called religious writer on Dec. 22 wrote this: “If we were still honoring the lord and his righteous decrees, then many or most of these calamities in recent years would have been averted by the mighty hand of God.” Really?

Bob Atkinson