Faith in the Future a chance to reflect

The idea behind the annual Faith in the Future Prayer Breakfast is simple: To consider things that might still be hoped for.

That theme has run through the event, which has been a staple of our community for nearly a decade and a half, since R. Daniel Conlon, then bishop of the Diocese of Steubenville, put together the first meeting. His concept was to get members of the community to think and act in a positive manner while having faith in God and themselves, as a way to help create a climate for economic development through prayer, leadership, management and teamwork.

Those who attend this year’s event, scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Friday at Froehlich’s Classic Corner in downtown Steubenville, will again have the opportunity to enjoy camaraderie and the opportunity to join in prayer to God for help in guiding the region’s business, educational, government and economic development efforts.

Bill Gorman, the chief operating officer at Franciscan University of Steubenville, will be this year’s guest speaker. Organizers said he will share his faith journey, as well as what’s happening at the university.

Tracy McManamon, longtime president of the Faith in the Future; Phyllis Riccadonna, a longtime member; and Mike Florak of the university are helping to coordinate this year’s event.

They deserve credit for helping the annual breakfast grow to the point where it now includes a series of monthly luncheons held at the university.

All involved in the Faith in the Future movement are to be commended for their efforts, and we hope that area residents will participate in the annual breakfast.