Many helped during flooding

The past two weekends called to clear attention the good that is in the hearts of some people.

The area was drenched by several inches of rain, resulting in some flooding the weekend of Feb. 19-21 and minor flooding the following weekend.

In the run-up to the flood events and in their aftermath, area residents were able to see the good that lives among us.

It was visible in the safety forces, whether volunteer or paid. They gave of their time and talents to protect property, to perform rescues as needed, to pump out basements and remove debris.

It was visible in area churches, such as the Riverview Baptist Chapel in Wellsburg, where church members worked to clean up their worship space following the first weekend of heavy rains. The Toronto Beginning Baptist Church took in Riverview worshippers while the cleanup was ongoing, proving again that “church” is about people, not buildings.

It could be seen in the work of emergency managers in Brooke, Hancock and Jefferson counties, who kept one eye on the weather forecast while planning their best possible response. Rescue teams were in place or on standby, deputies and police made sure people didn’t enter flooded areas, and all worked as long as necessary until a sense of normalcy returned.

The second weekend of heavy rain failed to produce much in the way of damaging flooding, but area response teams still waited, prepared to mobilize if the anticipated deluge came.

Don’t forget about the responses that occurred during the first weekend because the second weekend was somehow easier for the area.

Rest assured, volunteers and paid responders all were at the ready if needed.

Communications were well maintained throughout, with law enforcement and emergency managers recognizing that getting the word out to residents can be as important as the rescue work in a natural disaster.

Thankfully, our area does not often get predictions for two consecutive weekends of flooding, but if anything positive occurred as a result it is this: We see the goodness that lives among us.

And, we need to keep in mind that our neighbors farther down the Ohio River need prayers and donations and assistance as they clean up from devastation during the days and weeks to come.