Vision for EGCC remains strong

A major upgrade to the main campus at Eastern Gateway Community College on Sunset Boulevard is welcome news for the community.

The $1.8 million project will lead to a more efficient experience for students, a more modern college for the community and will represent an investment aimed toward keeping EGCC vital and important for decades to come.

It might come as a shock to some, but much of the main campus building at EGCC is more than 50 years old. That it still appears modern and still functions well is a testament to the vision and commitment of the school’s founders and the board and presidents in the decades since the opening of Jefferson Technical Institute in 1968. That updates are periodically needed is something that occurs at all colleges as they work to remain relevant to the times in which they function.

The project will see what was a state-of-the-art architectural statement converted into a more functional space for today.

The wing at the eastern end of the main campus building that houses the computer center opened in the 1990s as a technological tour-de-force, with big racks of computer equipment highlighted by lighting and displayed through a blue glass building front to the world passing by on Sunset Boulevard. In those early days of the growth of computing, it was a brilliant feature stating the college was at the forefront.

As the years have passed and computers are everywhere, the need for the architectural display has passed. The project will consolidate a number of student services, including admissions, tutoring, counseling and financial aid, into one area, reducing inefficiencies, confusion and making the onboarding of new students much less complex.

A second phase in the near future will see the area become a new main entrance to EGCC, clearly showing the public where to go when visiting the campus. As the college has grown, the number of choices of just where to enter might be a little confusing for visitors. The new design will take that feeling away and put the community close to where community events are generally held, in Founder’s Hall and the auditoriums.

In addition, EGCC will be installing a Barnes & Noble college bookstore, representing convenience and helping the college to consolidate platforms for online education.

The project represents an investment in the community by an institution vital to the continued health of the community.

We congratulate the current board, college President Jimmie Bruce and his administration for continuing with the vision that has kept the college relevant since the late 1960s.