Today’s a day to give thanks

A year ago today, we offered the hope that the nation could stop being Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, and just enjoy being together and being thankful, to enjoy a family style holiday.

A year later, we don’t offer such hope because the nation has spent the better part of the last year being sure to repeatedly rip the stitches off the national wound that was the 2016 election. It would seem the United States, from its leaders to the folks next door, has found more ways to tear itself apart into separate camps.

Male celebrities, from the press to the big screen, have fallen from idol to idiot as revelations of sexual misconduct and harassment have risen seemingly every day. Even the distraction that was provided by professional football in the past has become a national nightmare of fighting over who is more patriotic.

We offer no such hope for the nation to bury its collective difficulties even for an afternoon, but we can hope that, individually, we can set aside today as a day to personally vow — and then follow through — to avoid arguments, derision of one another’s viewpoints and outright angry behavior. We can, as individuals, try to smile, enjoy one another’s company and remember, and thus recapture, the good feelings that once were the hallmark of interpersonal relationships.

It’s nothing new. Anyone who looks back fondly on another time should recognize that there was no idyllic time without infighting, from the living room to the halls of government.

Discontent was present in the seemingly idyllic 1950s and the turbulence and violence of the 1960s did happen. During the past few days, we’ve lost a man who underscored the evil that lay in the world in Charlie Manson, and a woman, Della Reese, who portrayed an angel on TV in a time when we needed a national reminder that life isn’t all about us.

It may all seem more out of control now than ever before, but as individuals and as a nation, we’ve survived.

Take today to give thanks for that survival and contribute to it in your own peaceful way with your friends and family.

And enjoy a happy Thanksgiving Day.