Honorable best described Powell

Two words come to mind when thinking of Richard Powell, Steubenville’s Municipal Court judge for more than 25 years: Wit and gentleman.

Powell died at the age of 89 Nov. 10.

A native of Brilliant, he often quipped that he was “the Brilliant judge.”

His knowledge of the law was on display on the bench, but he used that quick wit there, too, as anyone who spent time observing the municipal court in the 1980s and 1990s would know.

Beyond the law and the public image of the toastmaster-roastmaster, Powell’s good nature carried into his ability and willingness to help others, usually in a quiet, behind-the-scenes manner.

Jefferson Count Probate and Juvenile Court Judge Joe Corabi speaks of Powell as mentor, leader and guide to his legal career. Attorney Frank Bruzzese speaks of Powell as a mentor with a great sense of humor.

Powell loved the county he called his home for life, displaying an interest in its history and in the people who made Jefferson County.

Anywhere he went he “held court,” able to be conversant on any of a number of subjects, displaying an intelligence that stretched beyond the courtroom and the lawbooks.

He was truly one of those people who was a friend, or a potential friend, to anyone who crossed his path.

He conducted himself with professionalism and made the bench in Steubenville a respectable one.

Richard Powell was a judge to whom the term “honorable” was part of the definition of his life and who he was.