Enjoy fireworks as part of holiday

We ask everyone to take a moment during the next couple of days and remember that there are few nations in the world where citizens are able to gather to celebrate the freedoms residents of the United States of America too often taken for granted.

It’s an important thought as our nation prepares to celebrate its 239th birthday on Saturday.

The Fourth of July is a true national holiday, one that is celebrated from the smallest township to the largest city. It’s a day of picnics, family gatherings, parades and summer fun, all played out against the backdrop of American flags and patriotic music. More often than not, the day ends with a fireworks display.

Communities throughout our region are ready to celebrate. In fact, we had the chance to get the holiday off to an early start when Wintersville’s Thunder in the Ville ended with its traditional fireworks show last Saturday.

Just about all of the communities in our region have scheduled their fireworks displays for right around dusk Saturday.

Weirton will be the site of two displays – one after Friday’s performance by the Wheeling Symphony and the other Saturday night.

While the Independence Day holiday is a reason to celebrate, we hope that everyone will take a moment to remember the thousands of American men and women who are standing guard around the world as members of our armed forces. Their sacrifices and vigilance ensure that future generations of Americans will continue to enjoy the freedoms we do today.

Attend an Independence Day celebration.

Marvel at the fireworks.

Enjoy being an American.