Cooperation part of ending violence

It shouldn’t take blood on the streets to remind people that, eventually, bystanders get hurt when gunfire occurs.

A shooting on Monday morning at the Heritage Place Apartments off Seventh Street was brazen. It occurred in broad daylight. It resulted in the wounding of three people. The alleged intended target was hit multiple times and hospitalized in Pittsburgh.

And a father and his 5-year-old son, whom police say were just bystanders with nothing to do with the gun incident, ended up wounded.

Both father and son were treated and eventually released from hospitals, but the scars, physical and mental, last longer, and they should last for the community.

Police say that, for a change, people are cooperating and a manhunt was under way after the shooting for the alleged shooter.

We hope for a day to come where barbaric, lawless gunfire isn’t the order of the day on city streets.

Keeping one’s eyes open and working fearlessly with the police to catch shooters, and community groups to change attitudes, are the best ways to hasten that day’s arrival.