Obama continues to duck big issues

President Barack Obama continues to exercise the powers of the imperial executive branch to delay controversy until after the mid-term elections.

Sneaking in a decision not to decide on the Keystone XL pipeline on Good Friday, the administration has effectively taken a non-stand on a major issue once more, setting back its official position until after the November elections.

Ostensibly, the administration is waiting until a decision is made in a Nebraska case regarding Keystone XL route first as well as allowing the State Department time to review 2.5 million Keystone XL-related e-mails.

Obama needs to hang onto the Senate and pray for seats in the GOP-controlled House if he hopes to be able to hang onto the ability to make decisions by executive order and administrative action without clear direction from a split Congress. Thus, the need to put off anything that could upset the political apple cart – from provisions of Obamacare already shown to be bringing unintended and economically questionable consequences to taking a stand on a petroleum pipeline the president has said previously he didn’t favor – is on display day after day.

He’s even at odds with Democrats on Keystone XL, as those from petroleum states see the benefit to business and energy security the pipeline crossing the nation from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries would bring. Environmentalists don’t like the delay, either, claiming the president is walking away from the ever-present liberal issue of global warming.

The immediate, and non-scientifically debatable impact, is that the contractors will miss another construction season on Keystone XL while the administration wrings out delays through bureaucracy.

It is leadership by being gutless, by being willing to walk away from taking a stand even on core principles just so the politically safe choice is made.