City makes right choice on officer

Acting City Manager Domenick Mucci had a difficult decision to make in firing a 19-year veteran of the Steubenville Police Department for allegations of violating the rules of police conduct, but he acted to protect the city and the police department.

Patrolman Greg Moray was being investigated for his behavior before and after his son was brought to the Wintersville police station after an underage drinking party in a field off of state Route 43 on property that belonged to the Moray family.

Moray was fired because Mucci believed Moray was aware of and attended the underage drinking party at the end of May. According to Mucci’s termination letter, Moray became angry and made veiled threats about police retaliation to Wintersville officers, who were simply doing their job.

No one is above the law – not even a police officer’s son.

The former officer had been informed in writing not to contact anyone involved in the matter but did so on June 8 by contacting a Wintersville officer, according to Mucci’s termination letter.

Moray was suspended as an officer in September 2009 after an incident at a Steubenville High School football game at Massillon High School. Moray and another man were charged with disorderly conduct but the charges were eventually dismissed in Massillon Municipal Court.

Police officers must live by a higher standard. If they violate the law or the rules of police conduct, they need to be disciplined.

The community has become painfully aware of the complications that can arise from teenage drinking parties. The rape case this community endured for nearly the past year has offered valuable lessons about accountability, and raised still-unanswered questions about the role of adults in the supply of alcohol to minors.

The allegations against Moray, if proven true, carry a different level of weight, given his role as an enforcer of the law.

Wintersville officers did their job in bringing those teens who were caught in May to the police station and then releasing them to their parents after the teens were administered blood-alcohol tests to determine if they had actually consumed alcohol.

No police department can have an officer on its staff who threatens retaliation against other officers doing their job.