Colliers Primary School earns congratulations

One of the Ohio Valley’s schools has been recognized for its excellence, and we’re offering our congratulations on a job well done.

The staff, pupils and community of Colliers Primary School are to be commended for being named a West Virginia School of Excellence by the state Department of Education, an honor that was bestowed to the school once before in 1996.

The small Panhandle school was one of only 10 schools in the Mountain State to receive the honor. But make no mistake, it’s no small feat in reaching that achievement..

To receive that designation a school must have had 50 percent of its students ranked as proficient in math and reading through state achievement test stores over a three-year period. It also must have a high level of parent and community involvement and satisfaction among pupils, staff and community members in its efforts to educate, according to state education officials.

Also, school Principal Jo-Ellen Goodall and her staff had to complete a 33-page application with questions about the school’s curriculum, continuing education attained by the staff members and the roles parents and area businesses play in the success of the school.

There also was a visit to the school by educators recruited by the state education department. Teachers, pupils, parents and residents were paid a visit, all in an effort to see firsthand what goes on in each classroom and in the community.

Beyond the excellence in those classrooms and in the halls at Colliers Primary School, there’s also an extremely active Parent-Teacher Association – an invaluable asset. PTA members stand firmly behind Colliers school, and that can be seen in the organization’s work in helping to beautify the building and volunteerism at all levels.

We concur with Superintendent Kathy Kidder-Wilkerson and school board President Jim Piccirillo in applauding the efforts of everyone involved in some way with Colliers Primary School. And we, too, encourage them to continue to lead in their excellence.