Forum offers chance to study health care

If you’re like most Americans, you’re at the very least partially in the dark about what the continuing rollout of federal health care mandates means.

There are questions about what impact Obamacare has in our wallets, in our workplace, in our relationship with our health care providers and with our health in general.

So, we congratulate the GFWC/OFWC Woman’s Club of Steubenville for trying to shed light on the topic by holding a forum, planned for June 3 at a location to be determined.

A panel with representatives from health care, personal finance and Congress is being planned.

We hope for a true informational forum, a discussion of just what has happened and what is coming down the health care pike.

It is nearly impossible to discuss the issue without talk devolving into pure political rhetoric, but we hope the forum keeps focused as much in information, because an informed citizen can make demands that must be heard in Washington.

And information about Obamacare is vital now that the nation is in the midst of being tucked under its wing, regardless of political affiliation or the intense desire to be rid of the program.

Insurance impacts will be felt heavily later this year as employers take on their new benefit packages for 2014 and beyond.

We encourage attendance at the forum, and hope the Woman’s Club of Steubenville is planning for a large turnout. The questions about Obamacare continue to outstrip its potential for good years now after its passage, and the need for knowledge should ensure a big audience.