Committee works for brighter Mingo future

Some can say Mingo Junction has seen better days, with a steel mill sitting empty, a downtown that is filled with empty buildings and a village government that is struggling to keep its head above water.

Others in Mingo Junction see a proud community that isn’t giving up.

A group of residents started the Mingo Revitalization Committee more than a year ago. It was more of a beautification committee in its early stages but has grown to include many more aspects of making the town a great place to live and do business.

The group now has 17 members from the community and meets twice a month.

The revitalization committee is planning a beautification day on May 2. Other beautification projects are in the works.

The group also is working on a strategic plan for the future of the village. Residents and business owners are being asked to complete a questionnaire about the positive and negative aspects of the town and where people want to see the village go in the future.

The group also is working on business development, including the downtown area.

Village Council certainly has its hands full on the day-to-day operations of the village, and trying to provide basic services for residents. The revitalization committee is working hard to make Mingo Junction a better place to live.

The committee should be commended for taking on such a task.

Committee members could have taken the philosophy that they could sit back and let the village deteriorate. Instead, they are working to make it better.

Every community needs such a group.

Mingo Junction always has been a great place to raise a family. It has good schools and a great park, with neighborhoods families all over the country desire.

Village residents have had a sense of community pride, and that continues today even with a closed steel mill and lack of businesses.

The revitalization committee has a good mix of village residents, young and old, who come from various professional areas. Each brings a strength for the common good. The committee also is trying to get other groups in the village, including the business association and Lions and Women’s clubs, to work together on common goals.

Only good things will come from the work of the revitalization committee.

There will be setbacks, but the committee so far has shown it is committed and focused on its goals.

Thanks to its members, the revitalization committee sees a bright future for the village. So do we.