Video project helps kids reach goals

“What is awesome about Steubenville:” that was the question asked, and through the aid of some local residents, university students and area pupils, it was answered.

Recently, city residents Katie Gesto and Katie Hess viewed a YouTube video titled “Kid President Pep Talk” and wondered how to do something similar for Steubenville.

Professor James Coyle at Franciscan University of Steubenville and his TV production class were brought into a project to make a video using Steubenville youth talking about what’s great about the city.

And recently their hard work was praised as they premiered their two-minute video – created by 11 university students and starring several city children – in a university classroom. Filled with the children’s unique ideas and music, “the video captured the excitement and spirit of the kids. And it talks about Steubenville in a positive way,” said Hess.

Their plan is to put the video on YouTube and hope it catches on. They’ve even been in contact with the city schools and the parochial schools to ask them to consider showing the video at pep rallies or school events.

And Gesto and Hess said they want to continue their efforts by inspiring children, older students and even adults to create their own video about what’s awesome in Steubenville.

“We need a pep talk about our town and ourselves. We want to harness the optimism and energy of our youth and transform it into a dynamism that will motivate our community. We know about the greatness and potential of Steubenville, but in recent months for a number of reasons much of the positive energy has been stifled,” Gesto said.

To carry on that effort, Coyle said his students will be at at Mama Nita’s Coffee House at the corner of Dock Street and North Fifth Street downtown from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. this Saturday to help students to make their videos.

We applaud the visions of Gesto and Hess and for their leadership in creating the initial video, and others yet to come. We also appreciate Coyle and his students’ efforts in creating the videos. Their end goal, we believe, is to help people in our community come together and to help Steubenville, and other surrounding communities be the best they can be.

Young people have ideas, thoughts, even dreams, for our city. This project will definitely help get them on their way toward reaching those goals.