The formula for washing hands

Dear Readers: Proper hand-washing can help prevent the spread of diseases, and it’s simply a good habit for you and your family to get into.

Did you know that there’s a correct way to wash your hands? The formula is courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, and here are the steps:

1. Wet hands with running water, turn off the water and lather with soap.

2. Rub soapy hands together, rub the backs of your hands, in between your fingers and under your fingernails. You should do this for at least 20 seconds.

3. Rinse well, under running water.

4. Dry with a clean towel.

Remind kids and grandkids when to wash their hands: During all phases of food preparation, after using the bathroom, after blowing your nose, and before and after applying a bandage to a cut or wound.

If soap and running water aren’t available, hand sanitizer with an alcohol content of at least 60 percent will do until you can get home. — Heloise

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