Misses vs. juniors in clothing

Dear Heloise: How do “Juniors” clothes differ from “Misses” in the department store? — Suzanne H., Nashville, Tenn.

Suzanne, great question. Juniors clothes typically are designed for maturing young ladies who have outgrown the girls department.

Juniors clothes are sized with odd numbers (3, 5, 7, etc.), while misses clothes have even sizes. Juniors garments also are cut straighter than misses clothes — teen girls can tend to have smaller hips and be less “curvy,” and juniors tops and dresses aren’t as broad in the shoulders or bust.

Juniors clothes are trendier and are age-appropriate for teen girls not in the professional workforce; the collections might have cutouts, message-printed T-shirts and more “fun” designs. And lots of denim! — Heloise

Hints from him

Dear Heloise: As I go down the road, there are people who won’t turn their headlights on until it’s really dark, even in snow and fog!

Any time I have a passenger sitting beside me, he or she should act like a co-pilot in an airplane and should observe everything at all times.

Pedestrians should at all times — when walking or running — FACE the oncoming traffic. — Merlin F., Dakota City, Iowa

Wonderful safety reminders! — Heloise

Stained mugs

Dear Heloise: I, like you, love baking soda! I noticed that the insides of my coffee cups were looking dingy, so I made a paste of baking soda and water, and scrubbed gently with a paper towel. After a rinse, the mugs are bright again! — Harriet B., Columbus, Oh.

How right you are! Baking soda is cheap, nontoxic and readily available, and it is great to use all over the home! Be sure to rinse the mugs in the sink to freshen the drain as well! — Heloise

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