Put it down the drain? Maybe not

Dear Readers: What should and should not go down the kitchen-sink drain?

Don’t put grease or oil in it, even if you think, “Well, I run hot water, so it dissolves.” It may dissolve for the first few feet or so of the plumbing, but the rest of the way? Nope. It will just re-congeal, and it can really clog up the plumbing!

Don’t rinse off greasy or oily plates, either. Wipe with a paper towel or napkin first.

Don’t put stringy food, such as celery or artichoke leaves, in disposal.

Don’t use hot water when running the disposal. Cold is best.

Do pour oil, grease or fat into a can or other safe container (that won’t melt) and let it cool. When it’s solid, dispose of the whole thing in the garbage.– Heloise

Tie hint

Dear Heloise: To protect my neckties from stains, I spray a fabric stain repellent on them to keep them looking fresh. Two light coats is best. This spray is available at the drugstore or mega-retailer! — Bryant G. in New York

You can pick up a can of fabric and leather water repellent at most shoe shops. — Heloise

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