Brooke commission hears from state auditor

WELLSBURG — The busiest time of the year for auditors is here, and the West Virginia State Auditor John B. McCuskey is making his rounds to all 55 counties.

McCuskey visited the Brooke County commissioners at their weekly meeting Tuesday to discuss the possibility of new audit standards in addition to a new accounting system.

“We want to reduce our impact on the counties,” said McCuskey. “We think you do better with your money than the state does. We want to make ourselves as inexpensive and as effective for you all as possible, so you keep as much of you money as possible.”

McCuskey hopes to accomplish this through an assembled team that will establish new audit standards with a goal of cutting expenses by 25 percent.

The state auditor also introduced the possibility of a website for counties similar to the website.

Through the site, citizens can view every dollar the state spends and receives, and the idea is to create something similar for counties and cities.

“This is the first step in our hope of creating a unified accounting system,” he said.

McCuskey thinks the site will be especially good for counties to find the cheapest options when it comes to spending, by giving them the possibility to view where neighboring cities are buying from for lower-cost options.

Although the use of the system will not be mandated, using it will cut costs by storing all the information needed to complete audits in one centralized location.

McCuskey hopes the online checkbooks will be completed by the end of 2019.

However, the unified accounting system is still in the early stages of production and has no completion date as of now.