One Book One Day Challenge on tap at ICMS

MINGO JUNCTION — Nearly 200 Indian Creek Middle School pupils will take speed reading to a new level during an upcoming event.

District library coordinator Michele Fabbro is holding the One Book One Day Challenge on Nov. 27, during which pupils will try to read a book in one day with the help of some special readers. It is the first time she has conducted the activity, and she said she hopes it will become an annual event.

“One Book One Day challenges intermediate and middle school students to read an entire novel in one day. All fifth-graders will participate along with their regular teachers and related arts teachers,” she explained, adding that 180 pupils will be included. “We will involve administrators, cafeteria staff, the author of the book and celebrity readers from the community.”

The pupils will read “All of the Above,” a novel by award-winning author Shelley Pearsall that is based on the true story of four inner city students and their quest to build the world’s largest tetrahedron, or a triangular pyramid.

Although the characters live in the same neighborhood and attend a school that is considered by many in the community to be a “dead end,” their lives are vastly different as they try to solve their own problems and the story of despair becomes one of hope.

Pearsall will speak at a school assembly during which pupils will receive a copy of her book and get an opportunity to have it signed.

Following the assembly, the pupils will begin their literary quest to finish the 234-page tome. Fabbro was compiling a list of potential readers, including community members, retired teachers and school and sports leaders, and hopes the event will inspire the children to appreciate literature.

“This intends to foster a love of reading, to help children make a more personal connection with a book by acting out the story and making the characters come alive, to demonstrate to children that adversity can be overcome when you work together (as seen in the story), to invite community members into our schools to share their love of reading and to involve all students and staff to spend a day of reading together.”