Elected officials in Harrison County oppose Ohio’s Issue 1

CADIZ — Elected officials of Harrison County met Wednesday at the commissioner’s meeting to express their opposition to Ohio’s Issue 1.

Issue 1, if passed, would allow a constitutional change reducing all drug crimes to misdemeanors.

Harrison County Commissioner Paul Coffland said the sheriff, prosecutor, judges and other elected office holders met with commissioners to recognize the potential hazards that this amendment presents.

“This in not legislation, but an amendment to our state Constitution from out-of-state parties,” Coffland said.

County Judge Mark Beetham was in attendance to urge a “no vote” from Harrison County residents on Issue 1 during Tuesday’s election.

“We discussed the practical implications if Issue 1 passed. All drug cases would be misdemeanors, they couldn’t be jailed. In a practical manner it won’t work,” Beetham said. “Offenders end up in rehab because of threat of jail. If there is no threat of jail they will just end up back on the street offending again.”