Striplight holding ‘Damage’ auditions

WEIRTON — Striplight Community Theatre will hold auditions for “Damage,” a show written by local author and actor Skyler Dye.

As “Damage” opens, we learn of the suicide of Canterfield High School student Kyle Knight, when guidance counselor Greg Deer hosts a group therapy session in the hopes of aiding Knight’s grieving classmates. But through their struggles, the students soon realize some crises run far deeper than they could have imagined.

“Damage” is being brought to the Striplight Community Theatre stage following its first-place win in last summer’s SCT playwright competition. .

Cerra Atkins will direct the production.

Auditions will be held from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Monday at the Ashley Marie Playhouse, 3383 Main St.

Actors should come prepared with a short dramatic monologue. Sides will be provided at the time of audition.

Roles open include:

¯ Trevor Sampson, (male, 18-25): Senior. Long, lanky body, forever shrinking to the world. Pessimistic. Haunted.

¯ Beth Truman (female, 18-25): Sophomore. Former cheerleader. Anxious, but strong-willed. Pure in every sense.

¯ Carson Wall (male, 18-25): Junior. Quarterback. Seeker. Dark. Distrusting. Carries the world on his shoulders.

¯ Allen Wolfe (male, 18-25): Senior. Druggie. Persistent. Thinker. Says less than he would like, and never what he truly wants to. Sees through piercing eyes.

¯ Emma Qulette (female, 18-25): Senior. Valedictorian. Optimistic. Chronic Hero. Never rests. Wears tight clothing that shows off her thinness, such as tank tops.

¯ Rose Wood (female, 18-25): Senior. Photographer. Sarcastic. Low self-image. Makes up for average features with friendliness and makeup.

¯ Greg Deer. (male/female, 35-45): Guidance Counselor. Middle-aged. Uncertain. Empathetic. Wears glasses that always need adjusting.

“Damage” will be performed one weekend only, Aug. 16-19.

For information about auditions, contact Atkins at