Missing man found unharmed

STEUBENVILLE — A man missing for two days after he allegedly made threats to harm himself was found unharmed at a friend’s house in Bellaire on Sunday, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department reported.

The man, Craig Mohas, 27, of 137 county Road 2, Rayland, was involved in a fight with a family member on Friday evening, a deputy said. Mohas ran from the house when the sheriff’s department was called. Members of his family came to the sheriff’s department on Sunday stating they hadn’t heard from Mohas, a deputy said.

Multiple fire and police departments organized a search of a wooded area near Glen Robbins early Sunday afternoon. A deputy said Mohas made contact on social media, using a friend’s cell phone, saying he was at a house in Bellaire. The sheriff’s department reported Mohas said he had dropped his cell phone in the woods.

Mohas was brought back to Glen Robbins by a family member and then taken to Trinity Medical Center West for an evaluation, the sheriff’s department reported.