RUMAs on agenda in Harrison

CADIZ — Several Road-Use Maintenance Agreements were discussed by Harrison County commissioners on Wednesday.

Doug Crabtree, representing the Harrison County Engineer’s Office, spoke to commissioners regarding several RUMAs throughout the county. Crabtree noted the agreements have declined during the winter, but he hopes they will pick back up now that spring is drawing closer.

The agreements are made between the county and various companies, helping to ensure that any damage to public roads will be repaired by the energy companies using them.

Crabtree said all of the RUMAs he presented were approved by Prosecutor Owen Beetham.

The first RUMA is between the county and Blue Racer Midstream, which Crabtree said wanted to utilize 1.24 miles of county Road 36, adding to existing access. The other three agreements are between Harrison County and Chesapeake Exploration for various sites. The first one is for 1.5 miles of county Road 49 in Archer and Cadiz townships. Another is for 0.75 miles of Kilgore Ridge Road, which already was partially under a RUMA with Chesapeake.

“It’s an existing well they already have, they’re just extending the route out to it a little bit,” Crabtree said, adding Chesapeake had purchased a site from Ascent Resources and is trying to tie the two sites together. The last RUMA is for 0.9 miles of the same route, accessing a different well.

After asking a few questions, commissioners approved all of the agreements.

Commissioner Paul Coffland also informed Crabtree of some damage to Unionvale Road, believed to have been caused by truck traffic, and told Crabtree he would send him the address.

Crabtree said the winter has been tough on roads throughout the county, and crew are working to repair damages.

“They’re all pretty rough right now,” he said.