Weirton Building Enforcement to move forward with demolition

WEIRTON — The city’s Building Enforcement Agency has voted to move forward with demolition proceedings on a group of downtown properties, all owned by the same individual, along with another downtown property that caught fire earlier this year.

During Monday’s meeting, the board unanimously agreed to begin the demolition process of four properties — 3221 West St., 3237 West St., 3217 West St. and 3225 West St. — all owned by Steve Glykas.

Code Official Matt Burskey said he was contacted last week by attorney Steven Recht, who he said planned to file a motion for a continuance, preventing any demolition.

“I made it clear the city planned to pursue demolition,” Burskey said, noting he was recommending holding off on a decision by the board until January following of the discussion with Recht.

Ward 4 Councilman George Ash, a member of the board, said even with Burskey’s recommendation, it is the board’s decision whether to move forward.

“Unless we get something from the court to stop, we shouldn’t stop,” Ash said.

Mayor Harold Miller said no one has been living at any of the properties for several years, and it appears they are being used as storage facilities.

Code Official George Lengyel said he attempted to perform an interior search of one property and was unable to access all parts of the structure because of the materials kept there.

Burskey said there is no heat or water at any of the sites, and no plumbing, as well as a variety of other issues. He agreed there is a potential for hazardous conditions, also noting the possibility of fires and the danger created for firefighters responding.

The board also agreed to begin demolition proceedings at 127 Elmer Ave., owned by William M. Liposchak and Edward Zatta.

Liposchak explained there had been a fire at the property in March, and he has been working to clear out the interior and rebuild.

Lengyel said a complaint had been filed with the city in May, with notice of violations given in August.

Ash recommend demolition proceedings begin, explaining to Liposchak that he can appeal the decision, with a hearing to be held in January.

In other business, it was reported Michael Batalo was withdrawing his appeal of the demolition of 4440 Freedom Way after making plans to have it demolished by James White Construction.

John Rosahac is appealing the demolition of 329 Wall St. through the court system.

Several other properties will continue through the demolition process and are awaiting bids to be completed. Those include 4129 Freedom Way, 3304 Weir Ave., 224 Avenue E, 312 Kentucky St., 3337 Orchard St., 3132 Hill St., 1072 Pennsylvania Ave. and 437 Cove Road.