Toronto Council swears in councilman, approves ordinance

TORONTO — City Council’s newest member, Steve Rebich, was sworn in as councilman at large prior to Monday’s council meeting.

Rebich is filling the position previously held by A.J. Hunt, who resigned in November.

In other matters, council members approved an ordinance making the necessary transfers and advances for current expenses during the fiscal year ending Dec. 31.

Council authorized the city’s auditor to amend appropriations for the following city departments: Increase fire by $14,000; increase planning and zoning by $16,000; increase land and building by $4,000; increase Jefferson Health Plan by $95,000; increase C.H.I.P. 2014 Home by $15,000; increase C.H.I.P. 2014 housing by $5,000; advance from general fund for Clean Ohio, $142,000; increase water personal services by $6,000; increase sewage by $34,000; and increase refuse by $15,000.

Council also authorized an ordinance to advertise for bids for the sale of a 2000 GMC truck.