School board completes 2017 business

RECOGNIZING THE CHAMPIONS — Members of the 2017 Division IV State Champion Steubenville High School football team were honored Wednesday night by the city board of education. The team and coaches gathered in the high school commons area for the recognition ceremony. -- Dave Gossett

STEUBENVILLE — The city Board of Education honored the 2017 Big Red football team and a board member who has served on the board since 2006.

“In the last three years, you have played 44 games with a record of 41 and 3. Reno Saccoccia and the coaches have developed a structured practice and training program, high expectations for all players and model hard work,” said board President William Hendricks.

“The coaches plan minute-by- minute practices and no time is wasted. The coaches also spend countless hours breaking down individual and group performances, setting responsibilities and objectives for each player. And, the players are immersed in the culture of team, with the goal of beating the opponent. Eleven players play as one. As Vince Lombardi said, ‘The difference between a successful person and another is not the lack of strength nor a lack of knowledge but the lack of will'”, said Hendricks.

Hendricks also read a statement of thanks for Dr. Michael Giannamore, who chose not to seek another term on the board of education this year.

“Dr. Giannamore became a member of the board of education in 2006 and served as president, vice president and as a member of the athletic committee and the finance/negotiation/policy committee.

“His wife, Elaine Giannamore, was a nurse for the Steubenville City School District. Dr. Giannamore’s dedication to the city school district students will be missed,” Hendicks said.

Giannamore will be replaced on the board by Matt Davis, who ran as a write-in candidate in November.

The final meeting of the year for the board of education saw the acceptance of $3,000 from the Martha Holden Jennings Grant S.TE.M. Elementary Exploratory program.

The board members also approved the acceptance of a Mary Jane Brooks Charitable Grant of $37.000 for the Steubenville High School and Harding Middle School orchestra.

The board approved several personnel matters including:

¯ The resignation of Janna Olesky, a lifeguard at the high school;

¯ Family Medical Leaves of Absence for Tracy Garay and Steve Lucas; and,

¯ The employment of Mahoganey Fleming as a part-time cafeteria worker and James Still and Brad Valentine as student workers.

In other business, approval was granted for the Area 9 Special Olympics to use the Big Red track on May 5 for their Spring Games.

The Steubenville Broncos Youth Football Team was given permission to use Harding Stadium for home games from mid-August through mid-October.

And, the board approved a contract with Transfinder and Zonar to provide software for a bus routing system.