Weirton water project advances

WEIRTON — City water board officials say a project to ensure no future citywide water outages is nearing completion.

The 18-inch slipline project has included the installation of new line in parts of downtown Weirton, extending from the water treatment plant, along Freedom Way, up Main Street and out Cove Road.

“They have completed all of the sliplining work,” said Jesse Alden of the Thrasher Group during the board’s Nov. 16 meeting.

Thrasher has been designing and overseeing the project since its inception.

The only remaining hurdle, it was noted, is some unanticipated line work at the Cove Road and Weir Avenue intersection.

“There’s so much in that Cove Road and Weir Avenue intersection we weren’t aware of,” Utilities Director Butch Mastrantoni said, noting the existence of previously unknown lines.

Mastrantoni said there have been discussions on contracts for the additional work, but the proposals were coming in higher than the board had been hoping. Funds for the intersection project would have to come out of the project’s contingency.

In an effort to keep the costs minimal, Alden suggested billing for the work as it is being done.

“We are going to do all the work at the intersection on a time-and-material basis,” Alden said.

Traffic control for the work would be provided through the city.

Alden said he hopes to have the work completed before the water board meets in December.

Also before the board Nov. 16 was a proposal for financing a project to update the metering system with radio read meters.

The board voted 2-0, with two abstentions from members Don Gianni Jr. and Rocky Bragg, to obtain a $550,000 line of credit through United Bank.

Plans are to award a contract during the December meeting.

In other business, the board approved a lease agreement for a copier/printer for the Bellview tank offices; the purchase of pressure reducing valves for the new St. James Gate residential development; a leak survey of the city water system; and the dedication of water lines for Nassim Realty to serve the former Kmart plaza area.