Waste authority still looking for new home

STEUBENVILLE — Members of Jefferson-Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority board of trustees agreed Monday night to table the selection of an architect to design a new facility and to look at an existing building in Wintersville.

“Our search committee narrowed the search for an architect down to two firms but we delayed making a decision until the board examines all of our options. A new building for our vehicles and offices in Jefferson County will cost an estimated $1.5 million and a new building in Belmont County will be another $500,000,” reported Trustee Terry Bell.

“We may want to look at an existing building in the Jefferson County Industrial Park for $1.6 million and combine the two county offices,” added Bell.

Trustee Joe Luckino said the board may want to take another look at a building behind the Wintersville Fire Department.

“The owner is asking $4,000 a month in rent. Maybe we can take a trip to look at that building. It is 16,000 square feet,” Luckino said.

“It makes more sense to me to rent than buy. We don’t know what the state legislature is going to do from year to year so a lease might be our best option,” remarked Fiscal Officer Dave Hays.

“I am a proponent of buying as opposed to leasing a building.

“But I am open to discussions,” commented trustee Belmont County Commissioner Mark Thomas.

Bell said he will meet with Authority Executive Director Anita Petrella to take a truck driver to the Wintersville building to see if a recycling truck will fit in the structure.

In other business, Jefferson County Health Commissioner Dr. Frank J. Petrola said the health department received 51 odor complaints in September and 59 complaints in October regarding the Apex Sanitary landfill.

Administrative Assistant Natalie Lysle reported the recent tire and electronics collections in both counties saw 61 large television sets brought to a collection site in Belmont County and 149 sets in Jefferson County.

The authority charged $10 for each large set.

The next solid waste authority meeting was set for Dec. 11 at the Bellaire Public Library.