Mingo Junction not saving much via gas program

MINGO JUNCTION — The village’s electric and gas aggregation consultant said residents won’t see much of a savings under the gas aggregation program.

Village residents in November 2015 approved the gas aggregation but the former consultant never filed the paperwork with the Public Utilities Commission on Ohio.

Scott Belcastro of Treble stepped in the help the village get the program going. A public hearing was held last week and a second meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Wednesday at the Municipal Building.

Belcastro said after the second public hearing, he will file the necessary papers with the state and probably will select a gas supplier without asking for quotes due to winter approaching. He said he will propose a two-year agreement to council based on rates he received for other communities he represents.

“Residents can expect to save very little with the price of natural gas and because it is a seasonal product for the most part,” he said.

Belcastro said the aggregation program requires a resident to opt out of the program or they are automatically enrolled.

The contract for the gas price will start in December or January, he said.