Celeste makes campaign stop in Steubenville

CAMPAIGNS IN CITY — Former Ohio Gov. Dick Celeste stopped at the Jefferson County Democratic Party headquarters Tuesday afternoon to encourage volunteers to work for Hillary Clinton and Ted Strickland in the final days of their respective campaigns. - Paul Giannamore

STEUBENVILLE — Former Ohio Gov. Dick Celeste returned to the campaign trail in Ohio 25 years after he left office to rally support for presidential contender Hillary Clinton and U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland.

Celeste walked into the Jefferson County Democratic Party headquarters Tuesday afternoon wearing a Cleveland Indians ball cap and and showing the same energy and enthusiasm he often displayed during his past visits to the community.

“It is great to be back in Ohio and in Steubenville,” he declared to approximately 30 volunteers in the North Fourth Street storefront.

Celeste is on a driving tour of several Ohio communities this week urging voters to cast their ballots early and for Clinton.

“I am speaking 14 to 15 hours a day for the next eight days to elect Hillary Clinton, and I need your help,” Celeste said.

“This will always be the steel valley. My dad grew up in Monessen, Pa., and twice a year we all got into the car to visit his family still there. It was never night in Monessen because the old open heart furnaces kept Monessen bright all night making steel. I feel at home in Steubenville,” he remarked.

“I got out of politics in 1991, but two weeks ago I got back in. I have watched Donald Trump in action and am appalled this is now what we are confronted with. A lot of people who have lost hope have turned to Donald Trump for hope. But I am here today to testify for Hillary Clinton. I have known her for 30 years since her husband was governor of Arkansas and I was governor of Ohio,” Celeste related.

“The contrast between our candidate and the other candidate is like night and day. Hillary has devoted her life to public service. This guy has dedicated his life to making money for himself. But even Donald Trump conceded she will never give up and she won’t give up until she finds a way to strengthen education. No one is better prepared to be president than Hillary. We finally have an extremely smart and extremely dedicated woman to take on the job of president,” continued Celeste.

He then moved to the phone bank table to make calls to volunteers and asked them to take time to help register voters and sat down for an interview with the Herald-Star.

“My first campaign was for John Kennedy in 1960. As a student of American history I know there have been raw campaigns in the past. But this has been an ugly election. For 30 years there has been a group of Republicans who targeted the Clintons and they have done constant beatings of Bill and especially Hillary. Hillary has endured and stood tall and has not let all of that discourage her. What Donald Trump has brought into the political arena is a reality and performance show,” stated Celeste.

“We used to run the snake oil salesmen out of town. Now selling snake oil is part of the game. During the second debate Trump didn’t answer any questions put to him. He has a case of arrested development. And he embarrassed athletes by saying his language was locker room talk. He has appealed to the worst instincts in society,” Celeste said.

“I believe Hillary will win Ohio. I know this state and believe there are enough thinking voters who want the best qualified person to be in the White House,” commented Celeste.

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