Council to evaluate city manager

STEUBENVILLE – City Council will meet privately with City Manager Tim Boland in two weeks to discuss his six-month job performance evaluation.

The seven council members met in executive session Tuesday night following the sunshine meeting to give their ratings of the city manager to the council clerk, who will tabulate the results.

Third Ward Councilman Greg Metcalf said the council used an International City Manager Association rating system that included a scoring system on different issues and the option of writing comments.

“We will meet with Tim in executive session following the sunshine meeting in two weeks to discuss our overall evaluation of his job performance so far. Following that private conversation we will make the results of his evaluation public,” said Metcalf.

Boland was offered the city manager’s job by the City Council in November after an extensive search for a candidate to replace former City Manager Cathy Davison, who had stepped down from the position in May 2013.

Boland previously served as a town administrator in Pataskala, where he said there was a mutual decision to end his seven year tenure.

“I see this as a tremendous opportunity. I have visited the Steubenville community a number of times and see it as a great opportunity. I can’t wait to get started,” Boland said after he accepted the Steubenville job offer in November.

Boland arrived in Steubenville in January and on his second day on the job he attended a scheduled townhall meeting at Eastern Gateway Community College to discuss a proposed water rate increase.

He is currently paid $90,000 a year and according to Metcalf the council has the option of offering Boland a pay increase if he passes his six month job performance evaluation and future annual evaluations.