Cadiz council clears up several issues

CADIZ – Village council dealt with old business at Thursday’s meeting, clearing up some items that were debated at the last meeting.

Solicitor Costa Mastros clarified a voice vote to allow Hess Corp. to survey some land in the industrial park area. Five members were present, and three voted to allow the survey.

Measures need a majority of council members present, not members in total, to pass by voice vote. Later in the meeting, Mayor Ken Zitko resolved to call Hess Corp. to pass the notice along.

Councilman Paul Coffland expressed dissatisfaction that the last meeting’s minutes excluded much of the debate surrounding the land survey issue.

“I want to make sure that it is accurately stated in the minutes exactly what was said and the order it was said in,” he explained. Mastros informed council that the right can be reserved to correct minutes, and Clerk-Treasurer Amy Ossman will transcribe, verbatim, the conversation surrounding Hess Corp’s request.

The next matter, which previously was debated at several meetings, was the North Trunkline sewer line replacement project on Allen Street. The project is near completion, and Allen Street residents have attended multiple meetings to express concern over the state of the road. They said the road is in worse condition than when the project was started, and it should therefore be repaired.

Bob Allen, from Triad Engineering, gave an update to council and Allen Street residents on the state of finances.

“Today we received word from Ohio EPA that they were agreeable and approved a change order for moving $10,000 out of the contingency line item fund of the project, for paving work on Allen Street,” said Allen. “That paving work will be performed, if the village so chooses, by your staff and your equipment. Essentially, that’s going to be for the purchase of asphalt and prevailing wage rate of your staff.”

Allen advised council to take pictures of Allen Street in its current condition and after any paving work is completed, to document that the allocated money was used correctly.

Street Superintendent Larry Ludwig recently walked Allen Street to view its condition. Ludwig said damage from the project was minimal.

“It hasn’t been a great road all these years,” he said. “It’s just been a chip-and-seal road with some patch. The contractor didn’t hurt it any.”

The street department will use the allocated $10K for repairs, but Allen Street residents did not seem pleased by the resolution. One man said the front of his car was damaged and informed council that water sits on the sides of the road after rain in large enough quantities that ducks have been seen swimming. It was suggested that a weight limit be imposed on Allen Street, and the street committee will take it into consideration.

Council heard a proposal regarding parking in the lot next to the courthouse. Parking is often an issue during work hours, with many people parking their cars sideways behind others and courthouse employees blocking each other in.

“The upper end is always a cluster,” said Police Chief Ryan McCann.

“It looks like a mess over there.”

Making the lot private may be the solution. Council asked Solicitor Mastros to write up an ordinance that will make the lot available for use only by individuals who have paid a fee and acquired permits.

The village owns the property for 16 parking spots in the lot, while the county owns land for another six spots and a small area with a Dumpster. Council will look into obtaining the county’s patch of land and removing the Dumpster. Mastros also brought up a question from a woman who owes the village $17,000 for razing a dilapidated building. She is offering to sell the village the lot the building was sitting on, and the land could be turned into another parking lot if council accepts.

Council recently passed an ordinance to rezone various parcels in the industrial park area from an R-1 residential zone to an M-1 manufacturing zone. The purpose was mainly to allow MarkWest Energy to purchase 5 acres to build an office complex. Mastros will be drawing up an ordinance for the next meeting to allow council to sell the acreage so that MarkWest can get started on construction.

Tag days for the Harrison Central football and soccer teams were approved. The football team’s day will be held from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, while the soccer team’s day will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on July 19.

The next council meeting will be at 7 p.m. on July 24.