Weir High honors its seniors at banquet

WEIRTON – Weir High School held its annual senior recognition assembly last week in the Carl R. Hamill Field House.

Principal Dan Enich welcomed the Class of 2014 and their parents, presenters, community, teachers and all of the Weir High School underclassmen, later announcing that $420,740 worth of scholarships, awards and contributions had been awarded to the senior class.

Enich inaugurated the officers for the 2014-15 school year by administering the oath of office. Officers for next year will be student council President Bryan Phillips and student council Vice President Stephanie Pennacchio; senior class President Michael Curtis and Vice President Bryan Phillips; junior class President Stephanie Pennacchio and Vice President Alicia Palmeri; sophomore class President Zachary Hannah and Vice President Abby Cowher and freshman class President Benjamin Fedoush and Vice President Bret Fankhauser.

Athletic Director Mike Del Re presented Penny Lahr, secretary of Weir Middle School, with the WVSSAC School Spirit Award for dedication to athletics.

Enich recognized students with highest honors, high honors and honors.

Weir High School seniors recognized and graduating with highest honors, who attained a 4.0 GPA or above, had at least one AP class and had a full schedule throughout their yearswere Morgan Cassels, Tori Pierce, Daniel Morgan, Morgan Rice, Akeem Curenton, Ella Jennings, Noah Woods, Brooke Turner, Alex Hannah, Joshua Sayre, Daniel Mohoroski, Morgan Goff, Deben Shoup, Stephen White, Morgan Abbott and Emily Tomer.

National Honor Society advisers Lissa Dulick and Rachel Bandy recognized the following senior members: Morgan Abbott, Katarina Alatis, Kristyn Campbell, Nicholas Campbell, Morgan Cassels, Akeem Curenton, Madison Dalrymple, Michayla Dobosz, Ryan Dragonir, Katrina Dulaney, John Frankovitch, Morgan Goff, Alex Hannah, Alexis Hardrow, Azia Haynes, Kayla Hinchee, Hannah Hinerman, Ella Jennings, Samantha McCartney, Joshua McDonald, Daniel Mohoroski, Daniel Morgan, Kimberlyn Persina, Ontasia Petteway, Tori Pierce, Morgan Rice, Lindsey Robinson, Joshua Sayre, Deben Shoup, Matthew Tenaglio, Emily Tomer, Brooke Turner, Stephen White and Noah Woods.

Weir High students recognized for graduating with high honors, who attained a 3.7-3.99 GPA were (listed alphabetically) Katarina Alatis, Nicholas Campbell, Madison Dalrymple, Michayla Dobosz, Ryan Dragonir, Katrina Dulaney, John Frankovitch, Deanne French, Alexis Hardrow, Azia Haynes, Hannah Hinerman, Samantha McCartney, Joshua McDonald, Kimberlyn Persina, Ontasia Petteway, Lindsey Robinson and Alana Stanley.

Weir High students graduating with honors, who attained a 3.4-3.69 GPA were (listed alphabetically) Dalton Allen, Kristyn Campbell, Christa Hamilton, Kayla Hinchee, Elizabeth Kush, Devin Minda, Aaron Salatino, Alyssa Shingle, Matthew Tenaglio, Bryce Vida, Tyler Warrick, Chelsea Williams.

Enich presented accomplishment cords to members of the National Technical Honor Society: Lindsey Robinson, Nickolas Fair and Nicholas McCartney.

Enich presented the Career and Technical Education Completer Awards to Daniel Morgan, Jonathon Heupp, Stephen Whit, Haley Kirkbride, Chantelle Harper, Lindsey Robinson, Taylor Stafford, Rickie Littleton and Jeremy Mackey.

Former State Sen. Ed Bowman recognized those awarded the P.RO.M.I.S.E. Scholarship: Morgan Abbott, Dalton Allen, Nicholas Campbell, Morgan Cassels, Ryan Dragonir, Katrina Dulaney, Deanna French, Morgan Goff, Alex Hannah, Alexis Hardrow, Azia Haynes, Ella Jennings, Samantha McCartney, Joshua McDonald, Devin Minda, Daniel Mohoroski, Daniel Morgan, Ontasia Petteway, Tori Pierce, Morgan Rice, Joshua Sayre, Deben Shoup, Alana Stanley, Matthew Tengalio, Emily Tomer, Stephen White, Noah Woods and Bryce Vida.

Assistant Principal Mike McKenzie recognized seniors for previously awarded scholarships. Those seniors were Morgan Abbott for OVAC Cheering Scholarship; Katarina Alatis, Key Club Scholarship, Elks Student of the Month, Radford University Honors Academic Scholarship and Radford University Deans Scholarship; Akeem Curenton, Marshall University A. Michael Perry Scholarship; Michayla Dobosz for Helen T. Hamill Scholarship; Katrina Dulaney, Marshall University Presidential Scholarship; Tyler Gautier, Orchards at Foxcrest Scholarship, Morgan Goff, National Merit, Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation Scholarship and the Italian Heritage Scholarship; Alex Hannah, Hancock County Employees FCU Scholarship and Hancock County Education Association; Scholarship Hannah Hinerman, Mount Vernon University Nease Scholarship, Mount Vernon University Recognition Scholarship, Mount Vernon Scholarship, Nazarene Challenge Grant, WVN District Endowed Scholarship, Weirton Church of the Nazarene Scholarship, Elks Students of the Month and Elks Most Valuable Student; Ella Jennings, Elks Student of the Month and Wellsburg Moose Scholarship; Haley Kirkbride, Weirton Medication Center Auxiliary Scholarship; Daniel Morgan for National Merit Specialty Scholarship, Elks Students of the Month and the VFW Voice of Democracy Award; Ontasia Petteway, Zeno, Pockl, Lily, Copeland Scholarship; Morgan Rice for Robert Morris University Liberty Scholarship, Robert Morris University Patriot Scholarship and Robert Morris University Grant; Lindsey Robinson, JDRCC Directors Award and Orchards at Fox Crest Scholarship, Joshua Sayer for Hancock County Educational Association Scholarship; Deben Shoup, Marshall University Mary Willis Honors Scholarship and Marshall University Presidential Scholarship; Matthew Tenaglio, Joan Bieberson & Frank McDonald Scholarship; Stephen White, Mountaineer Futures Scholarship.

The Weirton Rotary Club Scholarship was awarded to Stephen White by Doug Finton.

The Frank/Joan Bieberson McDonald Scholarship was awarded to Matthew Tenaglio and Daniel Mohoroski by Don Wright, Weir High guidance counselor.

The Chuck Mahoney Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Madison Dalrymple and Hannah Hinerman by Debbie Mahoney, mother of Chuck Mahoney and Weir High guidance counselor, and son, Joseph Mahoney.

Natalie and Dominic Simich presented Morgan Abbott with the Judy Ann Simich Memorial Scholarship.

Weir High School teacher Connie Davies presented Madison Dalrymple and Alyssa Shingle with the annual Aaron Davies Memorial Scholarship in memory of her son.

Adam Llanos from Bethany College presented Alex Hannah with the Bethany Merit Scholarship and Community Service Award.

John Olashuk gave out the West Virginia University scholarships: Shenandoah Scholarships were awarded to Nickolas Fair, Devin Minda, Aaron Salatino, Bryce Vida. Vandalia Scholarships were awarded to Deanne French, Azia Haynes, Samantha McCartney, Tori Pierce, Joshua Sayre, Alana Stanley. The Diversity Scholarship was awarded to Morgan Cassels. Mountaineer Scholarships were awarded to Morgan Abbott, Dalton Allen, Daniel Mohoroski, Matthew Tenaglio. Rhododendron Scholarships were awarded to Nicholas Campbell, Ryan Dragonir, Ella Jennings. Presidential Scholarships were awarded to Morgan Goff and Emily Tomer. Engineering Excellence Award and Presidential Scholarship were awarded to Stephen White.

West Virginia Northern Community College Scholarship was presented to Elizabeth Prochaska by Lisa Soly.

Rhonda Tysk presented Ontasia Petteway with the Gary B. West, West Liberty University Scholarship. Alexis Hardrow was presented with the Presidential Housing Scholarship. Noah Woods was presented with an Academic Housing Scholarship. The Elbin Scholarship was presented to Daniel Morgan.

The Kristen Andrews Impact Scholarship was given to Ryan Dragonir from Joan Andrews, mother of Kristen. Lori Veltri, WHS soccer booster president, gave the Kristen Andrews Soccer Scholarship to Morgan Cassels and Matthew Tenaglio.

The WV Women’s Club Scholarship was awarded to Hannah Hinerman by Jeanne Amidon.

Steve Zatezalo presented the George Zatezalo Memorial Scholarship to Emily Tomer.

Officer Steve DiBacco, Weir High’s Prevention Resource Officer, awarded the Weirton FOP award to Christa Hamilton.

The Kinsley S. Ard Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Morgan Goff, Daniel Morgan, Morgan Abbott and Akeem Curenton by Linda Ard.

The Daughters of the American Revolution Scholarship was awarded to Morgan Abbott and Daniel Morgan by Carolyn Mizok.

The Navy ROTC Scholarship was awarded to Stephen White by Jeff Andrewson.

The Paul Kuhns Memorial Scholarship was given to Hannah Hinerman by Jarrett Kuhns.

Students from the graduating Class of 2009 presented Kimberlyn Persina with the Robin Drennan Memorial Scholarship, in memory of Robin Drennan who was a volleyball player and Class of 2009 graduate.

Don Wright presented the Women’s Club Art Department Scholarship to Daniel Morgan.

The Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship was awarded to Katarina Alatis for her desire to go into the education field.

The Serra Foundation/Mary Green Scholarship was presented to Akeem Curenton, and the Louis F. Serra Family Scholarship was given to Hannah Hinerman and Madison Dalrymple. Both scholarships were presented by Don Wright.

Weir High Assistant Principal Kristen Bissett presented the Rick Kucan Memorial Scholarship to Daniel Mohoroski.

Bissett presented the Charles M. and Thelma M. Pugliese Charitable Foundation Scholarship to Morgan Cassels, Joshua McDonald, Madison Dalrymple and Deben Shoup.

The Snack Brothers Scholarship was awarded by Bissett to Jeremy Mackey.

The Aggarwal Family Scholarship was awarded to Joshua Sayre by Bissett.

The Jostens Scholarships were presented to Ryan Dragonir, Samantha McCartney and Noah Woods by Mike McKenzie, Weir High assistant principal.

The Stark Foundation Scholarship was awarded to Morgan Abbott. This award was presented by McKenzie.

The JC Williams Trust Scholarship went to Nicholas Campbell. It was presented by Deborah Mahoney.

Mahoney also presented the Chad Pickens Scholarship to Hannah Hinerman.

The Larsen Trust Scholarship was awarded to Morgan Goff, Morgan Abbott and Ella Jennings by Mahoney.

Enich presented the High Schools That Work Awards to: Morgan Abbott, Dalton Allen, Kristyn Campbell, Morgan Cassels, Akeem Curenton, Ryan Dragonir, Ella Jennings, Daniel Morgan, Morgan Rice, Deben Shoup, Bryce Vida, Stephen White, Chelsea Williams and Noah Woods.

Enich presented the Mario Pipinos Memorial Scholarship to Katarina Alatis and Daniel Morgan, the Beulah Myer Scholarship to Hannah Hinerman, and the Retired Senior Volunteer Program Quilt to Paige Scopel.

Enich presented the Jim Hanna Memorial Scholarship to Nicholas McCartney. The scholarship is in memory of Jim Hanna, an all-time great Weir High athlete.

Enich also presented the Carl R. Hamill Scholarship to Daniel Mohoroski. This award is from the late football coach’s son.

Mahoney recognized this year’s Student Council senior members: Hannah Hinerman, Morgan Goff, Daniel Morgan, Matthew Tenaglio, Deben Shoup, Morgan Abbott, Ontasia Petteway and Azia Haynes.

Enich congratulated Nicholas Campbell who was awarded the John Phillip Sousa Award at this year’s Military Ball. That same evening, another award was given to Ella Jennings. It was the “Esprit de Corps” award.

Various sports awards were distributed:

The Chad Pickens Baseball Award was presented to Mitchell Viakley by head baseball coach Jason Angle; Tom Taylor presented the Donnell Football award to John Frankovitch.

Del Re awarded Morgan Abbott and Melanie Westlake with the Cheer for Weir Scholarship.

Del Re also presented WVSSAC recognition award for sportsmanship to Kody Knight, Chris Baldwin and Morgan Cassels.