Pa. couple arrested after store robbery

MCDONALD, Pa. – A Pittsburgh man and woman were arrested Tuesday evening after allegedly robbing a Family Dollar store of more than $1,500, according to the McDonald Police Department.

Jamar Davis, 31, 1415 Middle St., and KamBriah Berchic Jean-Baptiste, 20, 414 Anthony St., were arrested, according to reports.

An employee was closing the store at 8 p.m. Tuesday, when Davis and Jean-Baptiste, both wearing all black, allegedly approached her from the rear of the store. Davis had a bandanna over his face and allegedly threatened the employee with a knife. Davis allegedly took money from the register, assisted by Jean-Baptiste, and Jean-Baptiste told the employee, “calm down, everything will be OK,” police said.

Davis forced the employee to open the safe, and he also removed money from the safe. He then commanded the employee to go into the rear of the store, but she refused, offering to unlock the front door and close her eyes. Davis and Jean-Baptiste agreed to this, then fled, according to reports.

The couple were stopped on Thoms Run Road shortly afterwards by Collier Township Police. Money, Family Dollar money bags, a knife, two black hoodies, four used latex gloves, a box of latex gloves and a bag containing an item purchased earlier that evening from the Family Dollar with a receipt were found in the car, according to police.

Davis and Jean-Baptiste both were charged with robbery, aggravated assault, weapons possession, criminal trespass, possession of criminal instruments, receiving stolen property, theft by taking, reckless endangerment, simple assault, conspiracy and harassment, according to police.