Council to mull new parking violation penalties

STEUBENVILLE – City Council is prepared to consider beefing up the city’s parking penalties to include towing vehicles after the third violation.

Legislation will be introduced at Tuesday’s sunshine meeting to raise first-offense parking violations to $15 and second-offense violations to $30.

The third violation will allow the city to tow the violator’s vehicle to an impoundment lot.

“We are all frustrated and mad at the chronic offenders,” announced Mayor Domenick Mucci.

And, that anger was evident as council members considered different options, including a $25 and $50 parking fine.

“I want to be right and I want to be stern. The two-hour parking violations have to stop. I don’t want to make money on this, but I want to see a greater fine to discourage the violators,” said 6th Ward Councilman Bob Villamagna.

The violations will remain on the parking record of the offenders indefinitely.

City Manager Tim Boland also announced a part-time parking enforcement official has been hired and is expected to be on the job within the next two weeks.

“I hope the parking enforcement official also checks South Third Street in front of City Hall. We have offenders there who park all day,” noted Mucci.

“Our citizens understand the issue, but the out-of-town people who park all day in a two-hour spot don’t care. Towing their car on the third violation will get their attention,” remarked 5th Ward Councilman Willie Paul.

Villamagna also said the city police department will have to help the parking enforcement official, who will be working 28 hours a week.

“I want to thank you for taking this action. But I hope you also use Capt. John Young who is out walking the downtown streets every day,” Mike Strean, owner of Mike’s Sweeper Repair Shop and a member of the Steubenville Revitalization Group, told the council members.

Boland said the parking enforcement area will include the core central business district from Washington Street to Adams Street and the 100 blocks of North and South Third streets, the 100 blocks of North and South Fourth streets and the 100 blocks of North and South Fifth streets.