USW 5644 approves five-year TIMET deal

TORONTO – The United Steelworkers at the TIMET titanium plant have passed a five-year contract.

With the current three-year deal expiring at the end of June, the more than 500 workers approved the new contract, including a 14 percent raise over five years.

“One of the biggest issues with the contract was health care, especially because of the impact of the taxes the Affordable Care Act levies on self-insured companies,” said Local 5644 President Greg Herrick.

He said the workers agreed to a reduction in the plan from 90 percent covered, 10 percent out-of-pocket coverage to an 80-20 plan.

The Toronto plant produces forged and rolled products. It is one of several plants worldwide owned by TIMET.

The talks in 2011 that led to the contract that will end in June had gone down to the wire, with approval coming hours before expiration of the previous deal.