Trinity performs cervical spinal disc replacement

STEUBENVILLE – Dr. Mark Fye of Trinity Health System performed the region’s first cervical spinal disc replacement on Larry Buchanan of Steubenville in February.

Buchanan said he walked around a room later in the same evening as the surgery and was back on his feet and back to work like normal in about three to four weeks.

“After the general soreness from healing from gone, the pain I had felt before in my shoulder and neck was just gone,” Buchanan said during an interview Monday.

Buchanan started noticing the aches and pains in his neck and shoulder back in November of last year. Eventually it got so bad that he lost feeling in his left arm.

Fye explained that the artificial disc he placed in Buchanan’s spine helps maintain motion. Normally, motion just above and below the disc would be lost in the “fusion process,” which is the traditional treatment.

“It’s very convenient here in Steubenville,” Buchanan said. “It’s a lot more relaxed than having to drive to Pittsburgh. It was nice to go home the next morning.

Fye hopes to treat other local patients with disc herniations or problems in the neck and upper extremities with this procedure in the future.