Sentence in robbery case given

STEUBENVILLE – Brett Isler, 19, of Wintersville, who was convicted in the armed robbery at Burger King in Wintersville on Feb. 14, was sentenced Friday by Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. to 15 years in prison.

Isler was found guilty by a common pleas court jury on Tuesday of two counts each of aggravated robbery and felonious assault, and single counts of robbery and theft. All the counts have a firearm specification.

He also pleaded guilty to charges he broke into Pizza Hut at 1987 Sunset Blvd. and Vocelli Pizza of 2600 Sunset Blvd. and attempted to break into Walgreens, 2001 Sunset Blvd., all on Feb. 9.

Isler pleaded guilty to three counts of breaking and entering, three counts of vandalism and two counts of theft.

An assistant manager at Burger King testified during the trial she was taking out the garbage when Isler appeared near the trash bin. He fired a shot into the air and pushed her inside, assaulting her about the head with the gun. An employee inside said Isler then hit him in the head with the gun before going into the office and taking money from the safe and fleeing.

Both Burger King workers said, even though Isler was wearing a mask, they recognized him.

Isler was a former employee of the restaurant.

Bruzzese criticized Isler for hitting the workers in the head with the gun because it did nothing to help the robber.

“You just decided to smack them in the head with the gun,” he said.

In the store break-ins, Isler told Bruzzese he took a light fixture from outside Pizza Hut and started beating on a window until he was able to get inside. He then went to Walgreens and smashed the window with the Pizza Hut light fixture but the alarm sounded. He then went to Vocelli Pizza, broke a window and took cash from the register.

Bruzzese told Isler the first six years of the sentence is for the firearm specifications and is mandatory time.