Ohio man tagged with the title of Barn Artist

WINTERSVILLE – Scott Hagan, better known as the Barn Artist, has been painting two logos on Crossroads Christian Church on Springdale Avenue throughout this week.

Hagan made a name for himself as a large-scale mural and logo painter in 2003 when he was commissioned by the state of Ohio to paint one barn in each of the 88 counties for the state’s bicentennial celebration.

“In 1997 I painted my dad’s barn just for fun to see how big I could free hand something. It made the local newspaper, and the right person in Columbus happened to see it. It seems like it almost happened overnight,” Hagan recalled.

That first barn, painted with an Ohio State Buckeyes theme, is still one of his favorites.

Hagan, who grew up in Beallsville, said he has always been “good with a pencil.”

“My mom showed me some things when I was young, and I just took to it right away,” he said. “My daughter draws all the time now, too.”

Hagan’s talent has taken him all over the country, and after this summer he will have painted in 22 different states. Sometimes on smaller jobs, his family comes along for the ride.

“I really enjoy it. I love getting to travel the country, and the business has really taken off and grown thanks to the Internet,” he said.

Much of his work is original, which he typically spends the winter designing and preparing to paint.

His canvases are expanding from the realm of barns and buildings out to high school gymnasiums.

“I’m really liking that type of work. One of the gyms lined up for this year will be the biggest thing I’ve painted to date,” Hagan said. “A project usually takes me two to four days to complete, but that one will take about six weeks.”

Hagan, who has visited the Ohio Valley in the past, is a fan of Steubenville’s downtown murals.

“They’re awesome. I occasionally do some things like that, but my work is usually less realistic,” he noted.

Hagan hopes to have the Crossroads logos completed by the end of the week.

Hagan’s website is www.barnartist.com