Harrison reports collector results

CADIZ – Harrison County Treasurer Vicki Sefsick has collected more than $175,000 in delinquent real estate taxes through a contract with Tax Ease, a company specializing in collecting delinquent property taxes.

“I contacted the company several months ago and we collected additional funds in November 2013,” Sefsick said. “This month we brought in $80,671.59 in uncollected real estate taxes when Tax Ease purchased approximately 30 tax liens. Some of this money has been owed since 2004. In November, we received a payment of $19,917.41 from the collection company for nine properties which were delinquent in payments.”

Sefsick said additional delinquent taxes totaling more than $75,000.00 had been made directly to her office after property owners began to receive letters from the collecting agency on behalf of the county.

She went on to explain the process used to collect the funds.

“My office provides a list of delinquent properties to Tax Ease. The company prepares letters explaining the possibility of a tax lien sale to each property owner. If that land owner doesn’t respond within a specified amount of time, my office then sells a tax lien to Tax Ease which pays the delinquent taxes to the county. Tax Ease then files a lien on the associated property with the Harrison County Recorder’s Office and begins the process to collect the money from the property owner,” Sefsick said. “It is a win/win situation for the county and the tax payer. Tax Ease doesn’t charge the county any fees. The charges associated with their work is paid by the property owner or, if that fails, from the eventual sale of the property.”

Sefsick also said if a land owner defaults on the lien, the property will be sold in a public auction.