County distributes $165,400 in piggyback tax revenue

STEUBENVILLE – The Jefferson County commissioners on Thursday distributed $165,400 in piggyback sales tax revenue to cities, villages and townships throughout the county to fund recreation projects.

Commissioners take a portion of the sales tax revenue and annually distribute it for recreation projects.

County Commissioner David Maple said the cities, villages and townships do a good job of using the money for recreation projects for their residents. Maple said the commissioners monitor the money that is allocated every year to make sure it is fairly distributed.

County Commissioner Thomas Graham said commissioners review each project submitted and then make a decision as to how much each community receives.

County Commissioner Tom Gentile was absent from the meeting.

Steubenville received $10,000 and Toronto received $8,000.

Other entities receiving money were: Adena, $5,000; Dillonvale, $2,000; Empire, $5,000; Mingo Junction, $10,000; Mount Pleasant, $3,600; New Alexandria, $3,900; Rayland, $3,000; Richmond, $4,000; Stratton, $2,000; Tiltonsville, $3,000; Wintersville, $20,000; Yorkville, $3,000; Brush Creek Township, $2,000; Island Creek Township, $2,000; Knox Township, $3,500; Mount Pleasant Township, $2,000; Ross Township, $2,000; Salem Township, $4,000; Saline Township, $4,000; Smithfield Township, $2,000; Springfield Township, $2,000; Warren Township, $3,000; Wayne Township, $3,000; Wells Township, $3,000; and the Friendship Park Board and Jefferson County Fair Board, $25,000 each.

Mingo Junction will use the money to continue construction of a stage at Aracoma Park. Money last year built the stage and the village this year wants to build sides and roof to the stage and start electrical work. Wintersville will use the money to construct a restroom at its recreational complex. Steubenville has plans to use the money to fund operation of the pool at Belleview Park and utility costs at the Martin Luther King Jr. Center. Toronto has plans to purchase new chairs and picnic tables for the pool area and do upgrades at the splash pad.

In other matters, Graham said the commissioners have not voted to support the designation fee proposed by the JB Green Team to fund its operations.

Cliff Myer, JB Green Team executive director, made a presentation Monday at its board meeting indicating the commissioners supported the fee,

“The commissioners have never voted on it one way or another. We have not taken any official position,” he said.

Maple said he has spoken favorably of the designation fee but the commissioners have never taken an official vote.

Commissioners also tabled a decision on whether to grant the county regional airport authority a $253,515 loan so a contractor could be paid for paving the runway extension and an asphalt overlay of the existing runway.

Gary Folden, airport authority secretary, said the $253,515 will be coming from the Federal Aviation Administration but won’t be received until August. He said the airport authority needs to pay the contractor prior to August since the paving work is expected to be completed by the end of May.

Maple said he was “surprised” at the request, saying the airport authority should have known the funds wouldn’t be available until later this summer.

County Auditor Patrick Marshall said the airport authority may have to take out a loan.

Graham suggested the request be tabled until all options are studied.

Commissioners also:

Opened four bids for a bridge repair project on county Road 53, about 3 miles west of New Somerset. The engineer’s estimate was $107,500. U.S. Bridge of Cambridge had the apparent low bid of $82,384. The bridge was scheduled for repairs when a county highway department truck went through the bridge’s deck on April 23.

Agreed to the appointment of Rhonda Hinton of 649 county Road 71, Adena, to the county Prevention and Recovery Board for a four-year term.

Approved $400 in Memorial Day expenses for various veteran’s organizations and $100 for civic organizations.

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