City man sentenced for illegal possession of firearm

STEUBENVILLE – A man who was being shot at on Sept. 3 in the 800 block of South Street was sentenced to six months in the Eastern Ohio Correction Center on Tuesday by Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr. for illegally being in possession of a firearm.

Torrance Lyda, 21, of Steubenville pleaded guilty to having possession of a firearm as a convicted felon.

Anthony “Cadillac” Elmore, 29, of Steubenville, who recently was found guilty by a common pleas court jury of felonious assault, with a firearm specification, and having a weapon as a convicted drug offender, was sentenced by Bruzzese to the maximum of 14 years in prison.

Elmore was one of three people charged in connection with the gunfight.

Jefferson County Prosecutor Jane Hanlin said Elmore and William D. Ross III, 19, of Steubenville were on a porch on Jefferson Street when three males, including Lyda walked by. Looks were exchanged and Elmore and Ross ran ahead of Lyda through the woods and were waiting for Lyda to walk by, Hanlin said. The plan was to count to five and then open fire but Hanlin said Ross made a noise, pulled out a gun and he and Elmore began firing. Ross stumbled and then he and Elmore began firing their guns. Ross was hit with a bullet in the upper leg.

Ross was sentenced to five years in prison by Bruzzese after pleading guilty to felonious assault, with a firearm specification.

Hanlin said it is unclear, based on testimony in Elmore’s trial, who fired the gun that hit Ross. She said there was conflicting testimony if Lyda fired a shot. But Hanlin said Lyda wasn’t allowed to have a weapon because of a burglary conviction in Cook County, Ill.

Hanlin dismissed a felonious assault charge, with a firearm specification, against Lyda.

Hanlin said Lyda was being “hunted” by Elmore and Ross.

Lyda admitted prior to sentencing that he had a gun.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong. They basically said it was (their) neighborhood,” Lyda told Bruzzese.

The judge said he doesn’t mind someone shooting back when they are being fired upon. “I do have a problem with you having a gun when you shouldn’t.”.

Lyda will be on probation for two years. He faces up to three years in prison if he violates probation. A $200 fine also was imposed.