Brooke High School holds annual awards program

WELLSBURG – A total of $1,033,748 in scholarships was awarded to Brooke High School seniors at the school’s annual awards program Thursday.

Toni Shute, principal, noted in addition to academic achievement, the students were rewarded for their efforts in many areas, including sports, arts and community service.

The scholarships included $20,800 from the Albert A. Christ Foundation; $94,250 donated by various individuals, businesses and groups through the efforts of the Brooke County Schools Education Foundation; and $152,000 in West Virginia’s Providing Real Opportunities for Maximizing In-state Student Excellence (P.R.O.M.I.S.E.) scholarships as well as numerous scholarships presented by colleges and universities that night.

The scholarships have been awarded to the following students: Devon Ansell, Olivia Best, Cassidy Bland, Krista Brady, Casondra Camilletti, Erin Conaway, Ashley Clutter, Shelby Cronin, Kayla Davis, Shelby Fisher, Trey Gilham, David Hardisty, James Harrick, Emily Hone, Sydney Johnson, Nathaniel Knutson, Megan Lancaster, Haley Law, Amanda Loughrie, Amy Marosz, Alyssa Neville, Todd Puskarich, Shelby Richards, Lauren Shelton, Nick Stillson, Noah Teaff, John Thompson, Rachel Trimmer, Erica Vanderpool, Cindy Wells, Alex Wilson and Michelle Woodstuff.

Shute announced 25 students received scholarships ranging from $250 to $1,000 from the Albert A. Christ Foundation. Brooke’s recipients this year are Joey Staffileno, Nick Stillson, Anthony Barnhart, Ashley Clutter, Erin Conaway, Emily Czesztycki, Todd Puskarich, Russell Schwertfeger, Ethan Sole, Noah Teaff, Alexandra Velegol, Karissa Welshans, Casondra Camilletti, Kylie Greathouse, James Harrick, Emily Hone, Mina Mieczkowski, Alyssa Neville, Brenna Smith, Rachel Trimmer, Michelle Woodstuff, Devon Ansell, Cassidy Bland, Kayla Davis and Madison Manack.

Shute said since the Brooke County Schools Education Foundation was formed 25 years ago, the group has generated $949,500 in scholarships, including $94,250 this year.

Among the foundation’s biggest benefactors is Wheeling-Nisshin Inc., which awarded 10 $1,500 scholarships to the following students: Cassidy Bland, Trey Gilham, Alex Wilson, Cindy Wells, Sydney Johnson, Haley Law, David Hardisty, Emily Hone, Bryce Kesling and Hannah Pauls.

This year a scholarship was presented by representatives of the Follansbee Blue Wave Cheerleaders in memory of Hannah Mozingo, who had been active in the cheerleading program and was killed in the natural gas explosion that also destroyed her family’s home last year. The four recipients of $800 scholarships in Mozingo’s name also were Blue Wave cheerleaders. They are Casondra Camilletti, Alexandra Velegol, Kristen Reardon and Courtney Posey.

The new Above and Beyond Scholarship was given to Logan Green by the Brooke High School Sign Crew, a group of Brooke football players who learned sign language so they could communicate with team manager Matty Filippelli.

Speech therapist Dana Cuomo, who taught them sign language, said Filippelli’s mother, Carla Jacobs, suggested splitting a $1,000 award they received from Liberty Mutual Insurance into two $500 scholarships to be presented this year and next to a student who values good character and community service.

Other new scholarships were presented in memory of:

John Retton, long-time area educator who coached sports and founded the Follansbee Youth Basketball League. A $1,000 scholarship was awarded by the John Retton Foundation to Kelaen Welch.

Dr. Bryan Fritz, a 1997 Brooke graduate who became a pediatric anesthesiologist and was involved in correcting the cleft palates of children in Guatemala before his death to cancer at the age of 33 in 2012.

Angela Casinelli, a Brooke alumni with a love of drama who died shortly after her 2013 graduation. Two $1,000 scholarships, raised by a festival held by her classmates, were presented to Destiny Walsh and Caleb Isinghood.

Vito Cutrone, a World War II Army veteran who operated a handful of Follansbee businesses before his death to cancer in 1991. A $1,000 scholarship was presented to Emily Hone.

Three of the school’s older memorial scholarships are the Roger Simpson Award, Richard Whitehead Award and Robert “Buzz” Rocchio Award,

The Roger Simpson Award is given each year to a student who has excelled in academics and athletics and is respected by coaches and teammates.

Simpson was a Follansbee High School baseball player who died in 1964 after colliding with a player during a game. His Boy Scout Explorers troop started the award and past recipients and family members have provided a scholarship for each year’s winner.

Russell Schwertfeger received the award and the $2,500 scholarship as well as the R. Robert Dale Moose, Bobby Conley and Carlin Dodrill memorial scholarships; scholarships from the school’s Baseball Boosters, Wellsburg Women of the Moose and one established by his grandfather, also named Russell, several years ago.

The Richard M. Whitehead Award is given to an outstanding female athlete and student in memory of Whitehead, a Brooke County teacher, principal, superintendent and track and field official. Receiving the award and a $500 scholarship was Casondra Camilletti. She also was among recipients of scholarships in memory of Jimmy Rosso and from the Brooke cheerleading and softball boosters.

The Buzz Rocchio Award is named for a Brooke High School band and choir member who died in an automobile accident in 1971. Jamie Shaffer received the honor and a $500 scholarship as well as a scholarship from First National Bank.

Shute presented the Josten’s Principal’s Award and a $1,500 scholarship to Kylie Greathouse for her endeavors in community service. Greathouse also was one of three candidates for Brooke Queen of Queens who received scholarships.

Other scholarship recipients were:

Lauren Shelton, the John Rasz Memorial, Goode Orthdontics, Brooke tennis.

Nigel Bowland, William “Catfish” Hunter Memorial, Brooke track.

Ethan Sole, Vincent “Sonny” Rea Memorial, C.F. Walker Memorial, Wellsburg Civic League, Alpha Delta Kappa Phi, GWVC-WV 20th Century Club, Brooke County Education Association, Alpha Kappa Delta, Brooke Baseball, Brooke Football.

Joey Staffileno, Jimmy Rosso Memorial, Brooke football.

Logan Green, Jimmy Rosso Memorial, Doug Jones Memorial, 1990 Brooke Price Football Memorial, Brooke football.

Olivia Best, Jimmy Rosso Memorial.

Alexandra Velegol, Jimmy Rosso Memorial, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees, Brooke cheerleading.

Alex Tate, Jimmy Rosso Memorial.

Michelle Woodstuff, Jimmy Rosso Memorial, Alfonse DiCostantino Memorial, Brooke swimming.

Emily Czesztyicki, Jimmy Rosso Memorial, Marissa Rhodes Memorial, Brooke swimming.

Noah Teaff, Frank Rosso Memorial, St. Anthony’s 20,000 Shot Club, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees.

Cassidy Bland, Gale Montgomery Memorial, Bryan Fritz Memorial, Harry J. and Harriet M. Reitter Memorial, UMA Merit Scholarship, Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival, St. John’s Parish of Wellsburg, Larsen Charitable Education Trust, Elks National Foundation, West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission’s Academic Achievement Award for a Female Athlete, cross country.

Rachel Trimmer, W.C. Hood Memorial.

Anthony Barnhart, Doug Jones Memorial.

Trey Gilham, Doug Jones Memorial

Nick DeStefano, Doug Jones Memorial.

Brenna Smith, Doris Bird Memorial.

Kelcey Coen, Edward M. Nogay Memorial, Robert Lindsey PTA.

Coen also received a quilt created by the RSVP Overbrook Tower quilters, which each year produces a quilt given to a graduating Brooke senior.

Shelby Cronin, Merle D. and Catherine Meyer Gaudio Memorial, Koppers.

Brandon Teeters, Bob “Weeno” Kins Memorial.

Courtney Posey, Stacy M. Roach Memorial.

Megan Bilak, Derek “Ike” Eisenhauer Memorial.

Hannah Pauls, Derek “Ike” Eisenhauer Memorial, Weirton Rotary, Brooke swimming.

Tyler Ainscough, Derek “Ike” Eisenhauer Memorial.

Caroline Staffileno, C.F. Walker Memorial, St. John’s Parish of Wellsburg.

Shelby Richards, Michael Cipoletti Memorial.

Emily Hone, Vito Cutrone Memorial, Reasner of Wellsburg, Upper Ohio Valley Italian Festival, Elks National Foundation.

Alyssa Neville, Jeff Ulrich Memorial.

Erin Conaway, Eric Thomas Memorial.

Madison Manack, Marissa Rhodes Memorial, Colliers School Alumni and Friends, Dr. Krishan Aggarwal.

Kelaen Welch, John Retton Foundation Memorial, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees, Follansbee Youth Baseball, Brooke baseball.

Heath Hildreth, Nicholas E. Croce Memorial, James and Janet Benzo, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees, Brooke baseball, Brooke football.

Matt Mazzone, Nicholas E. Croce Memorial, Brooke baseball.

Nick Ossman, Nicholas E. Croce Memorial, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees, Brooke baseball.

Todd Clark, George Hubbs Memorial.

John Heiserman, Pugliese Foundation, WesBanco.

Megan Baker, Pugliese Foundation.

Skylar Russell, Pugliese Foundation.

Patrick Montgomery, Pugliese Foundation.

Danielle Milantoni, Brooke Retired School Employees, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees.

Gabrielle Bennett, Rachel Worby.

Krista Brady, Colliers School Alumni and Friends.

Zachary Johnson, Colliers School Alumni and Friends.

Kylie Greathouse, Wellsburg Middle School PTA.

Bryce Kesling, Reasner of Wellsburg, Brooke tennis.

Kayla Davis, Brooke-Hancock Family Resource Network.

Josh Beck, Traubert’s Pharmacy.

Cindy Wells, Betty Shaw Honorary, Robert Lindsey PTA.

Ashley Clutter, Weirton Medical Center.

Ashley Sherman, Wellsburg Lions Club.

Joey Staffileno, St. John’s Parish of Wellsburg, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees.

Corey Mitchell, St. John’s Parish of Wellsburg.

Olivia Best, St. John’s Parish of Wellsburg.

Rebecca Kirchner, Brooke Area AARP.

Trey Gilham, Vito’s 2/K&J Skip ‘n’ Go/Java Shoppe.

Faith Johnson, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees.

Nick DeStefano, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees.

Joe Lancaster, Brooke Schools Education Foundation trustees.

Alyssa Rice, Serra Foundation.

Tracy Johnson, Brooke High Queen of Queens.

Gabrielle Bennett, Brooke High Queen of Queens.

Josh Beck, Wellsburg Women of the Moose.

Haley Law, Wellsburg Women of the Moose.

Trey Gilham, Follansbee Lions Club, Mark Hone Golf, Brooke swimming.

Josh Zonker, Brooke cross country, Brooke track.

Michael Max, Brooke cross country.

Anthony Barnhart, Brooke cross country.

Michaela Hinerman, Brooke Girls basketball, Brooke softball.

Holly Davis, Brooke cheerleading.

Aubrie Reynolds, Brooke cheerleading.

Devon Ansell, Brooke swimming.

David Hardisty, Brooke swimming, Brooke baseball.

James Harrick, Brooke swimming, Independent Gas Association of West Virginia, Brooke soccer.

Alex Wilson, Brooke swimming.

Abbie Carpenter, Brooke softball.

Kaylee Kuchinski, Brooke softball.

Kristen Reardon, Brooke softball.

Paul DiPasquale, Brooke baseball.

Krista Brady, Brooke track.

Kristin Brady, Brooke track.

Joey Staffileno, Brooke football.

Preston Wise, Brooke wrestling.

Kaitlyn Govey, Brooke soccer.

Erin Conaway, Brooke soccer.

Danielle Malantoni, Anthony Paesano.