Wells trustees discuss need for township cleanup

BRILLIANT – Wells Township trustees recently discussed disabled cars and the lack of cleanup in the township.

It was noted owners of disabled vehicles will be given the opportunity to correct the problems and if no action is taken, the vehicles will be towed, officials said.

Trustee Joe Ellis said there will be no cleanup in the township this year due to JB Green Team budget issues and the cost shifting to the township.

In other business:

Trustee John Goosman commended the police department for solving the breaking and entering on Rush Run.

The county is moving forward on establishing Miner Road, according to Solicitor Bruce Clark.

It was noted the new fire prevention officer has received information on properties.

Trustees discussed the fire department callout protocol among the departments under contract. According to the discussion, the 911 emergency system center has the addresses listed in the computer and tones out, according to proximity, and more than one department may be called.

Goosman reported the estimate on the library door and the survey on New Alexandria Road still are pending.

A motion was approved for Margaret Nickoson, Tony Muscari and Andrew Stock to do part-time grass-cutting.

Trustees were in executive session for 53 minutes to discuss personnel, with no action taken.

A motion was approved to pay bills totaling $152,403.17.