Lovers Lane work set to begin Wednesday

STEUBENVILLE – The $136,000 enhanced maintenance of Lovers Lane will start Wednesday and is scheduled to be completed by Monday if the weather cooperates.

City Engineer Michael Dolak said Lovers Lane will be closed to traffic from Sunset Boulevard to the Fort Steuben Mall Drive from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. during the work.

“Local access to properties within the project area will be maintained.

“But all other motorists are advised to use John Scott Highway and Sinclair Avenue,” said Dolak.

“The enhanced maintenance work will cost $136,000. That project will mean grinding the existing roadway down about 3 inches and then putting a new asphalt overlay on the road. That will mean that section of Lovers Lane will be closed at least eight hours a day. We will then be doing major patching from the Fort Steuben Mall Drive to Coal Hill. We know that is a temporary fix and we are continuing to work on the three-phase project to completely rebuild Lovers Lane,” he said.

“The progress of the project will depend on weather conditions. The weather forecast is calling for rain this week, so that may delay the works schedule,” remarked Dolak.

He noted the paving project is estimated to cost approximately $136,000.

“With the money remaining from the paving we will then move to patching Lovers Lane from the Fort Steuben Mall Drive intersection to Sinclair Avenue,” added Dolak.

City Council approved the emergency contract for the enhanced maintenance of Lovers Lane in March, but the city has been waiting for the asphalt plants in the area to start producing hot asphalt mix.

The city is prepared to pay Shelly & Sands Inc. of Rayland $138,860.30 for paving Lovers Lane from Sunset Boulevard to the Fort Steuben Mall Drive.

City Manager Tim Boland said the “enhanced maintenance” is designed to gain another two to three years of life for the roadway.

Boland said the city is hoping to do pothole repairs on the remainder of the roadway this year.

The city is preparing to finalize plans for a roundabout or a south bound left turning lane with a traffic signal for the Lovers Lane and Fort Steuben Mall Drive intersection. That project is slated for a 2016 start date.

Dolak said Phase II of the Lovers Lane project will see the widening of the Sunset Boulevard and Lovers Lane intersection starting in 2017.

“Phase III will see the road completely rebuilt with proper drainage from Princeton Avenue to Fort Steuben Mall Drive. We are looking at a total cost of more than $5 million with most of the cost being covered by federal and state money,” Dolak said.

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