Donations sought for Toronto flag fund

TORONTO – The city beautification committee is asking residents who have donated in the past toward the city’s flag fund to once again contribute to the program to keep Old Glory flying on Gem City streets.

The flags, which line Third and Fourth streets, including around the city gazebo commons, have been part of a program to line city streets with the flags begun under former Mayor Bob Wilson, which is currently called the Mayor Wilson Flag Fund, according to Dani Swearingen, TBC member.

Swearingen noted the former mayor began the program after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. “We have to replace the flags because they get weathered. (Those donating) can make a donation in memory or honor of someone,” she said.

All funds donated toward the program are used for purchase of the flags, and the suggested donation is $20, said Swearingen.

“All flags are made in the USA,” she said. “At the City Municipal Building is a plaque engraved with all the names of those who have donated. It’s pretty awesome to go throughout the city and see Old Glory waving,” continued Swearingen. “This is only possible through the generosity of the citizens of Toronto.”

Flags are on mounted brackets on utility poles, and city street crews replace the flags, she said.

“We appreciate city service Director John Hannan and his crew and all the work they’ve done for the TBC in putting up the new flags and taking down the worn ones,” said Swearingen.

All checks should be made out to the Toronto Beautification Committee and sent to TBC, P.O. Box 102, Toronto, OH 43964. For information, call (740) 537-1250.