Toronto water superintendent resigns

TORONTO – The resignation of the city’s water superintendent was discussed during Monday’s City Council meeting.

In a letter to council dated Friday, Tim Miller, city water superintendent, announced his intention to resign on May 3.

“I have appreciated and enjoyed working for the city of Toronto for the past 26 years and thank you for the opportunity to serve its citizens,” the letter read. “I’d also like to thank you for the support provided to me throughout my years with the city.”

Miller was hired recently by Jefferson County commissioners to serve as the county’s water superintendent. Mayor John Geddis said the city would begin looking for a suitable replacement.

“We’ll try to hire someone in-house,” said the mayor. “We have a person that has a class III license.”

Geddis also said anyone interested in the position must have the proper credentials as recognized by Ohio as well as pass a civil service exam.

“It’s a lot of responsibility,” Geddis continued. “It’s a hurdle, but we’ll get through it.”

In other matters:

The city is accepting applications for positions at the city pool, it was announced. Applications are available at the City Municipal Building and the Toronto Junior/Senior High School.

Councilman at large G.R. Dickinson thanked all those involved in the Campbell-Dickinson 5K Walk/Run held March 15 in the city. The race, partly named after Dickinson’s wife Jenny and sponsored by the Toronto Coalition for Revitalization, raised funds for those suffering from cancer.