Snow forecast downgraded slightly

STEUBENVILLE – The Steubenville and Weirton metropolitan area will get a slight break from the winter storm that is now projected to bring five to seven inches of snow through Monday morning.

Meteorologist Matthew Kramar of the National Weather Service in Moon Township said Saturday night the “sweet spot for significant snow has now shifted south.”

“Your area is still going to get snow but it will come in two phases with the first snowfall taking place Saturday night into Sunday morning. There will probably be a lull in the snow and then it will pick up again late Sunday afternoon and continue until around noon Monday. And the Steubenville and Weirton area should only see snow. No ice is in the forecast,” said Kramar.

The National Weather Service upgraded its winter storm watch to a winter storm warning that will remain in effect until 1 p.m. Monday.

Kramar said the temperatures Sunday and Monday will be in the mid-20s during the day, ” and it will be single digits Monday night.”

The temperatures will slowly rise this week with highs in the 40s on Friday and Saturday.

Steubenville City Manager Tim Boland said city crews are prepared for the snow storm today and tonight.

“We are monitoring the weather forecasts throughout the weekend and all of our city departments are prepared for the storm. Anything citizens can do to facilitate our snow removal will be greatly appreciated,” said Boland.

Jefferson County Engineer Jim Branagan said his department has enough salt for the pending storm, “but we are still trying to get more salt supplies when we can. We are getting deliveries here and there. We will be ready for the storm.”

The Ohio Department of Transportation has 12 plow trucks working today and may add more trucks if the snow intensifies later today.

“We have 12 assigned plow routes but we will watch the storm and can assign an additional two or three plow trucks to the major four lane routes if it is necessary,” said Ohio Department of Transportation Manager Hugh Sutherin.

Weirton Public Works Director John Brown said street crews are now working 12 hour shifts until the snow ends Monday.

“I am asking people to park off the street if at all possible. And if they must park on the street to please park as close to the curb as they can. We will be addressing the emergency routes first and then the secondary streets. And if you are traveling during the snow storm please maintain at least a 50-foot space between your vehicle and the snow plow in front of you. And please don’t shovel snow into the street. Throw it in your yard so we can get the streets cleaned. We will be working hard to clear the streets in a safe and efficient manner,” declared Brown.