Marathon runner seeking to support local animal shelter

NEW CUMBERLAND – A local marathon runner has announced her intention to lace up her running shoes to help homeless pets in Hancock County.

Heather Brady wants to show her support for adoption efforts at the Hancock County Animal Shelter by seeking donations and sponsors for her participation in the Pittsburgh Marathon on May 4.

“The Pittsburgh Marathon will be my 100th marathon. I’ve been running marathons, ultra marathons and shorter distances for 13 years and this is a monumental one,” Brady said. “So, I wanted to make it special.”

Brady explained she knew she wanted to use the event to raise funds when she signed up for the race in September, but it wasn’t until a visit with her son to PetSmart in Robinson Township in November that she would find her inspiration.

“We came home with fish, plus an unexpected surprise, a sweet dog named Joanie, from the Hancock County Animal Shelter,” she said. “Volunteers were having an offsite adoption event there. As soon as we got home, I looked up the Hancock shelter information and instantly became a fan of their mission and commitment to animals.”

Brady said she plans to seek financial sponsorship, which then will be used to assist the local animal shelter.

Brady will be accepting donations through PayPal, or interested residents can make a donation directly to the shelter. Contact Brady at (303) 929-3235 for information.