City issues boil order after break

STEUBENVILLE – A break in a water main on Pleasant Heights Saturday afternoon led the city to issue a precautionary water boil order for all of Pleasant Heights and Lincoln Heights until further notice.

City crews were repairing a break in a 16-inch main at Orchard Street and Lawson Avenue in the rain Saturday afternoon.

City Water Superintendent Michael Wigal said the hopes were to place a sleeve around the break and have service restored to the two areas sometime Saturday evening. However, he said, until the water was tested and confirmed clear, residents would have to boil water before using it.

The advisory says customers should boil vigorously for at least a minute any water used for drinking, cooking, making ice or for brushing or rinsing teeth.

The water department was to collect samples on Pleasant Heights and Lincoln Heights for analysis once service was restored.

Once the sample results are deemed satisfactory, Wigal said the city would announce lifting the boil order.